• WP 1
  • Project Management

    To coordinate the project's networking, monitor their progress, manage financial aspects, milestones and deliverables in time manner and ensure good project success management relationships with Commission. Impact assessment strategy and monitoring throughout the project are also core activities of WP1
  • WP 2
  • Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building

    -To increase research excellence and innovation capacity in the field of engineered surfaces and films for technological applications -To raise SU’s research staff with appropriate skills in order to allow them to work at different technology readiness levels (between 3 and 8).
  • WP 3
  • Networking and Visibility - Scientific Community

    -To effectively stimulate visibility of SU to scientific community through the establishment of a sustainable collaborative network with the twinning partners, -To maximize of potential research benefits from the experienced scientists and exchange of know-how and experience within the scientific community

  • WP4

  • Networking and Visibility - Industry

    -To improve EngSurf-Twin quality and visibility to industry by linking with industry and end users.

  • WP 5

  • Dissemination and Outreach Activities

    -To inform academics, public and industry in regional and national level on the EngSurf-Twin

    -To transfer of knowledge and engagement (including data management plan) with the society and in particular with the non-expert audience

  • Course

  • Course: New Advanced Materials, Nanomaterials and Characterisation

    New advanced materials, nanomaterials and characterisation course will take in between 13-17 June 2022!

  • Workshop

  • Workshop

    New Frontiers in Engineered Surfaces and Thin Films: Approaches & Applications